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“G” is for Geisha

Today’s letter is G for GEISHA costumes! Nawty Fox has always loved the way Geisha dresses look. They are just so elegant. Bright colors always overlapped with a hint of gold. Of course the one I love the most is the most expensive, but sometimes you deserve a splurge! We carry Geisha costumes for Women and Girls, we also have some accessories, Check them out on our website!geisha

Plus Size Women’s Costumes

If there’s one thing we love about plus size women, it’s curves! And our selection of costumes here at nawtyfox will show off those gorgeous curves in all the right places. You’ll be turning heads in no time. Whether it’s a luscious leopord print costume, a sizzling and sultry black and pink number or the sexy and mysterious sorceress, we’ve got you covered.

baby costume

Whether it’s for the happy Halloween season or costume party we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for right here. You work hard, and you understand that the daily grind can make just about anybody crazy. So step out and show them what you’ve got. Flaunt it girl! You deserve it. So treat yourself right and cut loose, have a little fun, and make a little mischief! You’ll be the envy of the party when you show up in our royal evil queen costume, buxom and beautiful! Why hold back? After all you only live once and you owe it to yourself.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy an evening out looking devilishly delicious in a costume from nawtyfox. Don’t wait another moment! Look around and see what suits your fancy and order today! Let that inner nawtyfox come out to play. You know you want to.

Fourth of July with Nawty Fox – Day 1

The Fourth of July is just around the corner! Summer is hitting us hard here so we’re definitely looking forward to spending the day in the pool and enjoying some delicious BBQ with friends and family. Not to mention letting off a little steam by lighting up some fireworks! Ah, nothing says Freedom like sparklers and root beer floats (a Fourth of July tradition in my family).

To celebrate¬†Independence¬†Day we’re going to feature some of our favorite red, white and blue items to get you ready to party in style!

Today we’re kicking things off with a bit of spice.

That’s right ladies (and gentlemen), today’s feature is all about Red!

Fun, flirty and fashion-forward. We carry a large variety of items to fit anyone’s style.

And what Independence party would be complete without a Wonder Woman!

All of the items featured here and more can be found on our website. Get your orders in today to make sure you’re the best dressed freedom fighter of your party!

What do you think of these saucy red fashions? Do you have a favorite red item from our store that wasn’t featured here? Let us know!

Check back later for our next feature! Stay cool, Foxes!


What Costume to Wear to Comic Con: Kill Bill Edition

Talking to customers about Comic Con everyday sure makes me wish I was going. I watched Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 last night and decided that Beatrix Kiddo’s iconic Bruce Lee jumpsuit would be an awesome costume to attend in. Our shiny yellow spandex jumpsuits are so popular that it’s hard to keep them stocked- especially around Halloween. Here’s our model playing a deadly game in the notorious jumpsuit:

Visit to get your hands on one. We are located in Southern Cali and can be sure to ship your package in time for the big event next weekend!

What Costume to Wear to Comic Con: Sailor Pluto

Wondering What to wear to Comic Con next weekend? Sailor Moon characters are always an outstanding choice and Setsuna- Sailor Pluto- is one of my favorites. Our customers love this costume, which comes with matching gloves and choker. The NawtyFox office is located in Southern Cali, so we’re sure your favorite character’s costume will reach you in time for the big event as long as you order by next week. And carries Serena, Sailor Mars, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Uranus! Choosing just one is tough…!

Sailor Pluto @ NawtyFox

Comic Con Sailor Moon Costumes

More and more customers keep telling me that they are planning to wear their purchases to Comic Con next week. With the NawtyFox offices being located in Southern California, they can be sure to receive their awesome costumes in plenty of time for the big day. We wish we were going too- but will have to wait until next year! For all you lucky Foxes that are going, here are two of our cutest Comic Con costumes:

The Sailor Pluto costumes is one of my favorites- she’s such a mystical force on the series. Become the Guardian of Time in this super-cute, high-contrast costume set that comes with matching gloves and choker.

The big, bold back bows on these Sailor Moon costumes are just too cool:

…And for those of you who feel more like Serena at heart:

I love this version of our Serena Costume because it is so soft and comfortable. It comes with such a cute headband and feels like a dress that I could just wear downtown. I secretly wear it while watching Sailor Moon DVD’s and eating popcorn after work. So what? It’s more fun that way! You have to be a major Sailor Moon fan to work at the NawtyFox office and apparantly I am.

Enough about me and more about Comic Con. Are any of our blog-readers going? If so, are you dressing up? What character will you arrive as? Let us know so we can live vicariously through you until we get in on the action ourselves next year!